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Legal notice

Note: We are VAT registered and all prices include VAT.

Terms & Conditions set out the rights and obligations of the seller and the buyer. The buyer accepts the goods ordered Terms of Sale announced by the seller. Terms of Sale are for both parties binding, unless they agree otherwise.

Subject orders
Orders may be subject only goods on www.topvino.sk. Buyers out orders so that you through the shopping cart selects the item-by-instruction enters the billing address, delivery address (if not same as billing address), delivery method, payment method and send your order. After your order is sent to the buyer by return e-mail confirming receipt of the order and a copy of the order.
The buyer is obliged to truthfully fill out the order information required to serve for the proper delivery of goods ordered and the issuance of the invoice. For individuals it's name, permanent address, address of delivery of the goods (if not identical with domicile), e-mail address and telephone number where you can find a buyer to confirm the order.

The minimum quantity
The minimum quantity for a valid order for wines not fixed, so the order is in force since 1 bottle.

Order Cancellation
The order can be canceled free of charge within three hours of ordering, by e-mail obchod@topvino.sk, or by calling 0907 38 12 39 Cancellation must be reported basic information about it (order number, date and time of ordering, name of the buyer and the like.)
In the event that the buyer has to pay the seller's account realized, it will be in full promptly credited to the account of the buyer.
In case of cancellation of orders after the deadline, the seller claims the cancellation fee of 10 € and reimbursement of transport costs associated with the implementation of appropriate order.

Obligations of the seller
Seller agrees:
Deliver the type and quantity of goods in the purchase order price valid at the time of placing an order and payment terms, adequately packaged goods ordered sent within a specified period (for the goods) to the purchaser at the address designated by him Delivered with tax the receipt, or invoice , which serves as a delivery note.
Seller shall not be liable:
For late delivery of goods caused by the courier company and the consignment culpable damage to the courier company.

Seller reserves the right in case of parallel ordering more goods more buyers to contact the buyer within 24 hours of ordering and agree on an alternative date of delivery, or change your order.

Obligations of the buyer
The buyer undertakes to:
In order respectively. the state registration only truthful information so that it can be properly and timely deliver ordered goods.
Pay for the merchandise purchase price in full within the period specified maturity date and terms of business conditions in force at the date of dispatch of the order and its subsequent confirmation by the seller. Ordered goods correctly assume, and check the integrity of the file in case of damage to carrier representative record of the complaint. Only on the basis of the alert can be a claim. Ordered goods become the property of the buyer after full payment of the price of goods in terms of an invoice. In the event of the failure of the ordered goods, the seller will be the buyer claim to compensation for damages, including lost profits. Buyer represents that the date of dispatch of the order reached the age min. 18 years.

Fast facts
Customer placing an order agrees to collect and use information about you and purchases undertaken. Seller agrees to provide any personal information consumers and no other information about the consumer to a third party. Exception of personal information necessary to deliver consumer goods, provided the carrier.

Method of payment

Transfer order: the transfer order the goods will be shipped from the warehouse after the payment to the seller's account. If you want to order before payment make sure you have the required amount of stock, please contact us by phone or email. Designed for wine, which is not currently in stock is a maximum of 14 working days.
cash on delivery
In accordance with Act no. 102/2014 on consumer protection in the sale of goods or provision of services

on the basis of the distance contract or contracts concluded away from business premises of the seller and on amendments to certain laws, if the buyer is a natural person and purchased goods not serve the profession or business, the customer has the right to withdraw from the contract without giving any reason within 14 working days receipt of goods. If you decide to withdraw within this period, it is important in that period to return damaged goods subject to following conditions:

Withdrawal must be made in writing, must contain all the elements that serve to identify the goods, the seller and the buyer and must be within the period specified above, together with the goods delivered to the headquarters of the seller to the buyer's expense. In a written resignation indicate your account number, which should be sent to the purchase price for the goods.
If you have already downloaded products, send it back within the statutory period to: Marcela Strakošová, Heinolská 24, 92101 Piestany.
That you as a buyer can withdraw from the contract must comply with the following conditions:

goods must be in original undamaged packaging,
Products may not be used,
goods must be undamaged,
Goods must be complete,
Goods should be accompanied with proof of purchase and written notice of withdrawal.
We recommend that you always send the goods by registered and insured, as we are not liable for any loss or damage in transit to us.
When all the above conditions for returning the goods will be sent money for goods transfer to your account no later than 15 working days after the contract is a physical receipt of the goods.

If the buyer proves that he had received the wrong goods or purchased goods were supplied to him in bad quality, is entitled to a free replacement product or refund. The buyer shall bear the cost of returning the goods claimed to topvino.sk. The seller in this case does not reimburse the Buyer for the price of the first carriage.

Complaints are dealt:

telephone (weekdays by calling +421 907 38 12 39)
Email (obchod@topvino.sk)
post (Marcela Strakošová, Heinolská 24, Piestany 92101)
To avoid spoilage of wine and a possible complaint, please observe the principles of proper storage for bottled wine. Wines stored in a dry, dark rooms in the stands designated for their storage. They allow wine placed horizontally, ensuring that cork, which are closed, it is still moist and does not dry out. If it does, it could be incurred in the bottle cap cork pores in getting air that particular temperature changes acting adversely on the quality of the wine. This of course does not apply FIAS closed artificial polyethylene stoppers that can remain standing. The room temperature should not fluctuate and should be constant. Wine stored at 8-15 ° C. Prior to shipment from our warehouse to your wine is visually examined for possible defects.

On each sold item is covered by statutory warranty period if the product otherwise stated.

The company is a VAT payer. All prices listed on the site www.topvino.sk including VAT. Prices shown on our website are correct at the time of ordering. The purchase price shall be deemed paid until the full purchase price by crediting the current account of the seller or by paying cash on delivery. Seller reserves title to the goods until full payment of the full purchase price.

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